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The new search facility enables you to locate the right product quickly and easily. It allows you to find the specific product you're looking for immediately or to browse the entire stock range to view the range of products available to meet a specific need.

  • The search is not case-sensitive; you can enter words in either capitals or lower-case.
  • You can search for a product using the product code, title, author and/or publisher - depending on what information you have available. You can enter search criteria in as many fields as you need.
  • By default the search will only show products that are currently in print.
  • More search fields can be displayed by clicking the ' Advanced Search' arrow. This also shows the 'Show discontinued stock? ' tick-box that allows you to include out-of-print products.
  • Once you have entered your search criteria click the SEARCH button to bring up the results. You can also press 'enter' or 'return' on the keyboard.
  • The search facility will work using just one word or even part of a word, so you don't need to type the whole title (or author, series, publisher, etc) every time. However, the more information you enter, the smaller the list of products that will be displayed, and the quicker it will be to find the product you're looking for.
    • For example, searching in 'Author' for kings will find all products whose author contains the phrase 'kings'. This produces mostly results for Karen Kingsbury, but also a few others.
  • You can use multiple phrases to find products matching all of the phrases you enter in order to narrow down your search
    • For example, searching for kings karen will find products whose author contains both 'kings' and 'karen'. In this case you'll find mostly Karen Kingsbury titles, but fewer others, if any.
  • This facility extends to the other search fields too. You can also use search terms in a combination several of fields to refine your search further.
    • For example, entering kings in the author search field and above in the title field will produce only a handful of results as your search is much more specific.
  • If you want to start a new search, simply use the CLEAR button and enter new search terms.

The author, title, series and category fields can be searched only by keyword phrase (as described above). The product, publisher, and subject additionally allow searching by 'code'.
A code represents a specific product, publisher or subject and can be searched for by prefixing the search field with the @ symbol.

This is explained below in searching by product, searching by publisher and searching by subject.

Searching by title also searches additional information related to the product's description, such as its format description and other attributes like colour, binding, etc.
NB: Form codes now appear on your printed invoice

A complete list of format 'form' codes and descriptions is shown below:

(Show/Hide)  List of Product Form Codes with Descriptions

00   UndefinedAA   AudioAB   Audio Cassette
AC   CD-AudioAD   DatAE   Audio Disc
AF   Audio TapeAG   MinidiscAH   CD-Extra
AI   DVD AudioAJ   Downloadable Audio FileAK   Pre-Recorded Digital Audio Player
AL   Pre-Recorded Sd CardAZ   Other Audio FormatBA   Book
BB   HardbackBC   Paperback / SoftbackBD   Loose-Leaf
BE   Spiral BoundBF   PamphletBG   Leather / Fine Binding
BH   Board BookBI   Rag BookBJ   Bath Book
BK   Novelty BookBL   Slide BoundBM   Big Book
BN   Part-Work (FascBO   Fold-Out Book or ChartBP   Foam Book
BZ   Other Book FormatCA   Sheet MapCB   Sheet Map
CC   Sheet MapCD   Sheet MapCE   Globe
CZ   Other CartographicDA   Digital (on Physical Carrier)DB   CD-ROM
DC   CD-IDE   Game CartridgeDF   Diskette
DI   DVD-ROMDJ   Secure Digital (Sd) Memory CardDK   Compact Flash Memory Card
DL   Memory Stick Memory CardDM   Usb Flash DriveDN   Double-Sided CD/DVD
DZ   Other Digital CarrierEA   Digital (Delivered Electronically)EB   Digital Download and Online
EC   Digital OnlineED   Digital DownloadFA   Film or Transparency
FC   SlidesFD   Ohp TransparenciesFE   Filmstrip
FF   FilmFZ   Other Film or Transparency FormatLA   Digital Product License
LB   Digital Product License KeyLC   Digital Product License CodeMA   Microform
MB   MicroficheMC   MicrofilmMZ   Other Microform
PA   Miscellaneous PrintPB   Address BookPC   Calendar
PD   CardsPE   CopymastersPF   Diary
PG   FriezePH   KitPI   Sheet Music
PJ   Postcard Book or PackPK   PosterPL   Record Book
PM   Wallet or FolderPN   Pictures or PhotographsPO   Wallchart
PP   StickersPQ   Plate (LPR   Notebook / Blank Book
PS   OrganizerPT   BookmarkPZ   Other Printed Item
SA   Multiple-Item Retail ProductSB   Multiple-Item Retail ProductSC   Multiple-Item Retail Product
SD   Multiple-Item Retail ProductSE   Multiple-Item Retail ProductSF   Multiple-Item Retail Product
VA   VideoVF   VideodiscVI   DVD Video
VJ   Vhs VideoVK   Betamax VideoVL   Vcd
VM   SvcdVN   Hd DVDVO   Blu-Ray
VP   Umd VideoVZ   Other Video FormatXA   Trade-Only Material
XB   DumpbinXC   DumpbinXD   Counterpack
XE   CounterpackXF   PosterXG   Shelf Strip
XH   Window PieceXI   StreamerXJ   Spinner
XK   Large Book DisplayXL   Shrink-Wrapped PackXZ   Other Point of Sale
ZA   General MerchandiseZB   DollZC   Soft Toy
ZD   ToyZE   GameZF   T-Shirt
ZZ   Other Merchandise

Searching by Product

You can enter any part of the product code into the 'Product/ISBN' search field.

For example, entering 10101 will find all the products whose product code contains this term. (such as 810101, 9780736910101, 9780801010194 etc). This is useful if you only know part of a product code.

You can specify an exact product code if you use the @ symbol at the beginning of your search.

For example, entering @10101 will find only product 10101.

You can also enter more than one product code to find several specific products at once.

For example, @10101 10103 will find only products 10101 and 10103.

Searching by Publisher

To find products by publisher you can enter any part of the publisher descriptions listed below into the 'Publisher' search field.

For example, entering fellow will find all Bible Reading Fellowship titles (and possibly a few others besides).

You can use a publisher code if you use the @ symbol at the beginning of your search.

For example, entering @BRF will find all Bible Reading Fellowship titles only.

Additionally you can specify more than one 'phrase' to find products whose publisher descriptions contain all the phrases you specify.

For example, fellow bible will find all Bible Reading Fellowship titles, but you are less likely to find others as your search is more specific.

Finally, you can enter more than one publisher code to find products from several publishers together.

For example, @ZOND ZKIDS will find all Zondervan titles and all Zondervan Kids titles, but no others.

(Show/Hide)  List of Publisher Codes with Descriptions

1APRO  1 a Production10PUB  10publishing
2TOT   2 to Tango (Penfold)TWENT  21:Twenty-One Limited
AF     A & F Gift & Souvenir Co Limited (Penfold)ADBC   A.D.B.C. PublishersAMG    A.M.G. Publishers
APALM  African Palms (Palm Crosses)ALFRD  Alfred PublishingHTB    Alpha International Resources
ALLEY  Alphabet Alley (Penfold)AM     Ambassador ProductionsANCH   Anchor Distributors (Penfold)
ASH    Ashgate Publishing GroupAUGS   Augsburg PublishersAURUM  Aurum Press
AUTH   AuthenticAUTHL  Authentic LifestyleAUTHM  Authentic Music
AUTHU  Authentic Music VideoAUTHW  Authentic Publishing USAAUTHS  Authentic Software
AUTHV  Authentic Video and DVDAH     Author HouseATHOL  Authors Online
AVB    Aviemore Books
BMH    B.M.H. BooksBAKER  Baker Book HouseBAMBO  Bamboo Trading Company (Penfold)
BARDI  Bardin & Marsee PublishingBARN   Barnabas (BRF)BIS    Barnabas In Schools (BRF)
BFC    Barnabas for Children (BRF)BARRA  Barratt Ministries (John Ritchie)BARR   Barringtons (Penfold)
BHP    Bethany HouseBSOL   Bethel SolutionsBRF    Bible Reading Fellowship
BSOFT  Bible SoftBIBEU  Biblica EuropeBLOSS  Blossom Bucket (Penfold)
BOLAN  Bolanz - New Day (Penfold)BRAZO  Brazos PressB&H;    Broadman & Holman
BROWN  Brownlow Gifts (Penfold)
GIBS   C.R. Gibson (Penfold)CBCDI  CBC Distributors (Penfold)CWR    CWR Publishing
CACTU  Cactus Game DesignCALTI  Caltime (Penfold)CUP    Cambridge University Press
CANDL  Candle BooksSHARE  Care and Share Australia (Penfold)CARS   Carson Home Accents (Penfold)
CASSC  Casscom Media LPCHOUS  Charisma HouseCHOSE  Chosen
CA     Christian ArtCEP    Christian Education PublicationsCFP    Christian Focus Publications
CI     Christian Inspirations (Pennfold)CYP    Christian Year PublicationsCPL    Christina Press
CITYD  City DiecuttingCOLLI  Collier ProductionsCONCO  Concordia Publishing House
CONTI  ContinuumCOOK   Cook CommunicationCORN   Cornerstone
CH     Creation HouseCHB    Cross House BooksCRDLL  Crossroads Designs L.L.C.
CREC   Crossroads RecordingsCBUSA  Crossway Books USACFM    Crown Financial Ministries
DM     D.M. Merchandising Inc (Penfold)DAKE   Dake Bible SalesDAMAR  Damaris
DANT   Danteck Group IncDLT    Darton Longman and ToddDASH   Dash UK (Penfold)
DAY    Day One PublicationsDTHRE  Day Three Editions PublishingDPM    Derek Prince Ministries
DESTI  Destiny Image USADEXSA  Dexsa (Penfold)DISO   Dicksons Inc (Penfold)
DIDA   Didasko PublishingDIGP   Digital PraiseDOVE   Dovewell Communications
DEP    Dual Edge Publishing
EAGLE  EagleEIKON  Eikon Bible ArtELPUB  Elisheva Publishing
ELLIE  Ellie Claire Gift & Paper (Penfold)ENESC  Enesco (Penfold)ESD    Es-Design (Penfold)
DIEUR  Evangelista Media
FALIV  Faith Alive Christian ResourcesFIEST  Fiesta (Penfold)FOREV  Forever Publishing
FORSH  Forever Shines (Penfold)FOUNT  FountFOI    Friends of Israel Gospel Ministries
FRING  Fringe Studio (Penfold)FUNEX  Fun Express (Penfold)FMR    Furious Music
GFBKS  G F BooksGALAC  Galactic PublishersGANZ   Ganz
GIFTF  Gifts of Faith (Penfold)GINA   Gina B Designs IncGLEAM  Gleam Press
GLORI  Gloria Investment (Penfold)GOBIB  Go Bible (Penfold)GOLDQ  Goldquill
GFOL   Gospel Folio PressGOLIG  Gospel LightTRACT  Gospel Tract
GOTEE  Gotee MusicGRINT  Grace International (Penfold)GRAFT  Grafted
GM     Granted MinistriesGHP    Grosvenor House PublishingGROUP  Group Publishing
GUIDE  Guideposts Books
HARPE  Harper and RowCOL    Harpercollins Religious PublishingHHP    Harvest House Publishers
HEND   HendricksonHENRY  Henry Vyner-BrooksHART   Heritage Art (Penfold)
HB     Highland BooksH&S;    Hodder and Stoughton
IDEAL  Ideals PublicationsIF     If (Penfold)IMAGI  Imagine Design (Penfold)
INST   Institute for Contemporary ChristianityINTEG  IntegrityIBRA   International Bible Reading Association Ncec
ICC    International Christian CommunicationsIVP    Intervarsity PressISAAC  Isaac Publishing
JSP    Jack Sayers ProductsJLAWR  James Lawrence (Penfold)JARRO  Jarrold Publishing (Penfold)
JH     John HensonJR     John Ritchie
KTF    Keep the Faiith LimitedKW     KingswayKWM    Kingsway Music
KREGA  Kregel AcademicKREGK  Kregel KidzoneKREGL  Kregel Publications
LPG    LPG (Penfold)LANG   Langham Creative Projects/Preaching Resources/MonoLEARN  Learning Journey (Penfold)
LEG    Legacy (Penfold)LIFEB  Life Bridge BooksLCR    Lifeway Christian Resources
LIGHT  LighthouseLTSOR  Lightning Source PodLING   Ling (Penfold)
LION   Lion Publishing PlcLIST   Listener's Bible
MBI    Make Believe IdeasMMARC  Marcel Management ServicesLAWS   Marian Heath (Lawson Falle)
MPH    Marshall PickeringMATU   Martin TusonMAST   Master Books
MAMM   Media MinistriesMEIXI  Meixia Gift Supplier (Penfold)MESSY  Messy Church
MSTON  Milestones International PublishersMIAP   Ministry In Art PublishingMTM    Mission to Marriage
MON    Monarch BooksMOODY  Moody Publishers
NPNV   NPN VideoNCEC   National Christian Education CouncilNAV    Navpress
NEWDI  New Dimensions (Penfold)NWP    New Wine MinistriesNORWE  Northwestern Christian Products (Penfold)
NOVEL  Novellos
OMF    OMF BooksODR    Old Dirt Road Music1NC    One In Christ
P&R;    P&R; PublishingPAMW   Pamela WeltonPARSO  Parsons Technology
PART   Partnership PublicationsPAT    Paternoster PressPENF   Penfold Card and Gift (Penfold)
DUNN   Peter Graham Dunn (Penfold)PHL    Peter Haddock (Penfold)PAUP   Peter Pauper Press (Penfold)
PILOT  Pilot CompanyPINT   Pintoon CorporationPRGTH  Praise Gathering Music
PSP    Precious Seed PublicationPRSCE  Presence BooksPROVU  Provident Distribution
PUNCH  Punch Studio (Penfold)PUPF   PupfishPUSH   Push Publishing
RTS    RAM Theological SeminaryRCAI   Rca InspirationREFH   Reformation Heritage
REGAL  Regal BooksREG    Regnum BooksRES    Resound (Authentic)
REV    Rev PublishingREVEL  RevellRIV    River Publishing
RIVES  RiversongzROPER  Roper PenberthyTONG   Ruth Tong
RUTHE  Rutherford House
SCB    SCB Services (Penfold)SP&S;   Salvationist Publishing & SuppliesSBS    Scottish Bible Society
SU     Scripture UnionESWEL  Shanghai Eswell Enterprise Co. LtdSPRES  Shepherd Press
SIBP   Sibanda PublishingSILO   SiloamSILV   Silverwood Industrial Limited (Penfold)
SIMON  Simon & SchusterSMART  Smart Art (Penfold)SROCK  Solid Rock Larry Norman
SDIFF  Something Different (Penfold)SONCM  Son Christian MediaSOV    Sovereign World
MALS   Spear PublicationsSHVST  Spring HarvestSCL    Springs Christian Literature
STMAR  St Marks PressSTAND  Standard PublishingSTEEP  Steeple Hill Books
SBG    Strategic Book GroupSTUDO  Studio Oh (Penfold)SUMSD  Summerside Press
SWAN   Swanson (Penfold)
TLM    TLMTABB   Tabbies Xertrex InternationalTB     Tamerisk Books
TESTA  Testament TrumpsTYJB   Thank You Jesus BooksTBT    The Breakout Trust
TMT    The Message TrustNE     Thomas NelsonTNICK  Thorsten Nickel
TST    Three Seventeen TrustTILLI  TillipublishingTINCH  Tinchy Industrial Development (Penfold)
TOWN   Townmark Industrial LtdTRAFF  Trafford PublishingTHC    Treasure House Creative
TRFLA  Triflora (Penfold)TRINI  Trinitarian Bible Society (Penfold)TROUB  Troubador for the Lord
TMD    Trust Media DistributionSTLW   Trust Media Marketing ToolsTPL    Tuareg Productions
TS     Twin SistersTYN    Tyndale House
UCB    UcbUNTIE  Untie PublishingUSBOR  Usborne
VERCM  Verite CMVMED   Vision MediaVIRGI  Vision Video
VOYAG  Voyager
WARN   Warner BooksWBMLT  Waterbrook MultnomahWO     Wesley Owen
WGRAC  Whimsical Grace (Penfold)WHIT   Whitaker House BooksWHIDO  White Dove (Penfold)
WTP    White Tree PublishingWCA    Willow Creek AssociationWTG    Wisdom Tree Gamers
WORDM  Word MusicWORLD  World PublishingWF     Worship Films
XIAME  Xiamen Home (Penfold)ZOG    Xiamen Zog Industrial (Penfold)XULON  Xulon Press Lightning Source
YWAM   YWAM Publishing
HXGD   Zhejiang Hxgd Technology Co LtdZOE    Zoe RecordsZOND   Zondervan

Searching by Subject

To find products by subject you can enter any part of the subject descriptions listed below into the 'Subject' search field.

For example, entering church will find all titles within the subject group 'The Church' plus the 'Church Management Software' subject, as these both have the phrase 'church' within their descriptions.

You can use a subject code if you use the @ symbol at the beginning of your search.

For example, entering @G will find all titles within subject group G, 'The Church' and no others.
Entering @G04 will find all titles within subject sub-group G04, 'Church Life', only.

Additionally you can specify more than one 'phrase' to find products whose subject descriptions contain all the phrases you specify.

For example, life church will find all titles in subject group 'Church Life', but you are less likely to find others as your search is more specific - most likely no other category contains both the phrase 'life' and the phrase 'church'.

Finally, you can enter more than one subject code to find products from several subjects together.

For example, @G B02 will find all titles in subject group 'The Church' plus all titles in subject sub-group 'Biblical Commentaries OT', but no others.

(Show/Hide)  List of Subject Codes with Descriptions

A    Bibles
A02  Amplified BibleA04  Authorised Version KJVA06  Good News Bible GNB
A08  Jerusalem Bible JBA09  New Jerusalem Bible NJBA10  Living Bible LB
A11  New Living Translation NLTA12  New American Standard NASBA14  New English Bible NEB
A16  New International Version NIVA18  New King James NKJVA20  New Revised Standard Version NRSV
A21  New Century Version NCVA22  Revised English Bible REBA24  Revised Standard Version RSV
A25  New International Readers Version NIRVA26  Other Bible TranslationsA27  Holman Christian Standard Bible Hcsb
A28  The MessageA29  Foreign Language BiblesA30  CEV Bibles
A31  English STD Version ESVA32  Biblical ApocryphaA33  Todays NIV TNIV
B    Biblical Studies
B01  Biblical Commentaries Old and New TestamentB02  Biblical Commentaries OTB03  Biblical Commentaries NT
B04  Bible BackgroundB05  Bible IntroductionB06  Bible Survey
B07  Bible HandbooksB08  ConcordancesB09  Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias
B10  Bible AtlasesB12  History of IsraelB14  Biblical Archaeology
B16  Interlinear BiblesB18  LexiconsB20  Language Primers Greek and Hebrew
B22  Expository DictionariesB24  Individual and Group Bible Study GuidesB26  Bible Study Methods
B28  Dated Study Materials
C    Doctrine and Theology
C02  ApologeticsC04  Salvation Faith and SanctificationC06  Science Creation and Evolution
C08  World ReligionsC10  Cults and the OccultC12  World Missions
C14  General Theological IssuesC16  Tracts and BookletsC18  The Trinity
C20  The Person and Work of ChristC22  The Holy Spirit and RenewalC24  Prophecy and Eschatology
D    Devotional Books
D02  Devotional Books and Daily ReadingD04  Prayer CompilationsD05  Celtic Spirituality
D06  Books of SermonsD08  Poetry and Gift BooksD10  Christmas and Advent Books Adult
D12  Easter and Lent Books AdultD13  Easter and Lent Books Children
E    Christian Life
E02  Holiness and the Deeper LifeE04  The Spiritual DisciplinesE06  Teaching on Prayer
E08  Spiritual WarfareE10  Christian LifeE12  Christian Classics
E14  Health and HealingE16  Counselling and PsychologyE17  Christianity and the Arts
E18  Death Suffering and ConsolationE20  Contemporary Social IssuesE22  Evangelism and Follow Up
E24  Love Sex and MarriageE26  Children and Family LifeE28  Divorce and Remarriage
E30  Single LifeE32  Books for WomenE34  Books for Men
F    Biography
F01  AutobiographyF02  General BiographyF04  Biblical Biography
F06  Missionary Biography
G    The Church
G02  Church HistoryG04  Church LifeG06  Church Growth and Revival
G08  Church Ordinances the SacramentsG09  IntercessionsG10  Worship and Hymnology
G11  Lectionary ResourcesG12  Prayer Books and LiturgicalG14  Administration and Pastoral Work
G16  Preaching and Sermon PreparationG18  Sermon Illustrations and QuotationsG20  Church Information and Resources
H    Music Books: Score and Words
H02  Denominational Hymn BooksH06  Songs of FellowshipH08  Childrens Music Books
H10  General Music BooksH12  Overhead Projector Acetates
J    Childrens Books
J01  Childrens BiblesJ02  Childrens Bible StoriesJ04  Childrens Prayer Books
J06  Childrens Colouring BooksJ08  Puzzles and QuizzesJ10  Childrens Fiction
J11  Childrens Christmas and Advent BooksJ12  Childrens General BooksJ13  Childrens Teaching and Guidance
J14  Youth Teaching and GuidanceJ15  Childrens Easter and Lent BooksJ16  Youth Fiction
J18  Youth BiographyJ20  Religious EducationJ22  Assemblies Information and Resources
J24  Sunday School Information and ResourcesJ25  Childrens Ministries ResourcesJ26  Youth Ministries Resources
J28  Drama ResourcesJ30  Childrens Activity/Sticker Books
K    Fiction
K02  Historical FictionK04  Science Fiction and FantasyK06  Humour
K08  Mystery and ThrillerK10  General FictionK12  Romantic Fiction
L    Recorded Product
L02  Scripture on CDL04  Books on CD AdultL06  Books on CD Children
L08  Spoken Ministry on CD
M    Music
M08  Christmas MusicM20  Miscellaneous MusicM21  Classical Music
M40  Integrity MusicM50  CelticM52  Childrens
M53  Singer SongwriterM55  HymnsM58  Gospel
M62  MusicalsM64  OrganM66  Pop
M68  Praise and WorshipM69  ContemporaryM70  Reggae / Rap
M72  RockM76  TraditionalM78  Other Music
M79  Instrumental Music
N    Miscellaneous Items
N02  Magazines and PeriodicalsN04  StickersN05  Cards
N06  Non English Tracts and BookletsN08  Book Protectors & CoversN09  General Cookery
N12  Diaries
Q    Clearance Items
S    Software
S02  Bible SoftwareSA2  Clipart and Graphics SoftwareSA4  Creative Resources Software
SB2  NIV Study Bible SoftwareSB4  Bible Explorer SoftwareSB6  Nelson and Logos Library Software
SB8  PC Study Bible SoftwareSBA  Quickverse Bible SoftwareSBC  Wordsearch Bible Software
SBE  Other Bible SoftwareSC2  Church Management SoftwareSC4  Sermon and Talk Preparation Software
SC6  Group Study Preparation SoftwareSC8  Music and Worship SoftwareSCA  Service Preparation Software
SG2  Computer GamesSH2  Software for Handheld ComputersSK2  Childrens Interactive Software
SR2  Learning SoftwareSR4  Interactive and Educational SoftwareSR6  Commentaries on CD ROM
SR8  Dictionaries on CD ROMSRA  Other Reference Material on CD ROMSRC  Devotional and Screensaver Software
SRE  Other General SoftwareSX4  Bible Software for MacintoshSX6  Reference Software for Macintosh
SX8  Childrens Interactive Software for Macintosh
V    Video/DVD
V02  Video/DVD FeaturesV04  Video/DVD Teaching TopicsV06  Video/DVD Children
V08  Video/DVD Music
X    Cards
X02  All OccasionX03  NoteletsX04  Aniversary
X05  Anniversary AgesX06  Birthday GeneralX07  Birthday Relations
X08  Birthday AgesX09  BlankX10  Christening
X11  ConfirmationX12  New HomeX13  Samaritans Purse
X14  Christmas PacketsX15  Christmas BoxesX16  Christmas Relations
X17  Christmas LooseX18  CongratulationsX19  Well Done
X20  Driving TestX21  EncouragementX22  Exam Pass
X23  FriendshipX24  RetirementX25  Baptism
X26  Get WellX27  GraduationX28  Easter Packets
X29  Easter RelationsX30  Easter LooseX31  Love
X32  Missing YouX33  New BabyX35  Sympathy
X36  Sympathy RelationsX37  Thank-YouX38  Thinking of You
X39  WeddingX40  EngagementX43  Misc
X44  Pastor/MinisterX47  Clearance Cards
Y    Gift Product
Y02  Decorative Stained GlassY03  Miscellaneous Gift ItemsY04  Christian Art
Y06  CalendarsY08  Christmas ProductY09  Inspirio Gift Products
Y10  ClothingY11  Bible Cases & AccessoriesY12  Journals-Notebooks- Guestbooks
Y13  General GiftsY14  Resin FiguresY15  Ceramics (Excluding Mugs)
Y16  Mugs/Water Bottles/TablewareY17  NoveltiesY18  Plush
Y19  Frames / PlaquesY20  Bookmarks and VerscardsY21  Gift Bags
Y22  Puzzles and GamesY23  JewelleryY24  Ornaments
Y25  Blossom Bucket
Z    Booksellers Resources
Z04  Marketing ResourcesZ08  Shop StationeryZ10  POS Resources
ZZZ  Miscellaneous Resources

The navigation bar and menu which appears at the top of each page will help you find your way around the website and take you to the key areas of the site quickly.

In the top-right corner of the site you will always find a link to your basket .
This will take you to your current basket from wherever you are within the site. Beneath it is a small information panel showing you the number of individual lines in your basket, plus the total unit quantity and its value.

The Navigation Menu

The menu allows you to navigate to the main areas of the site and to search for products. Click on a general menu option to show the options contained inside.

  • Home
    • Whatever page you are on, the Home link will take you back to the home page. Clicking the Trust Media Distribution logo will also do the same.
  • Order
    • Within the Order option are functions related to ordering.
      • Quick Order - Line by Line
        If you have an ISBN or Trust Media product code ready you can use this function to quickly order products without the need to search for them. For details of how to order using Quick Order - Line by Line please click here.
      • Quick Order - Spreadsheet Upload
        To save you time, we have developed a helpful new facility which will enable you to order a large number of product lines quickly by simply uploading a CSV file (spreadsheet or text file). This process may seem complicated at first but after a few times it will become easy to use. For details of how to use the Quick Order - Spreadsheet Upload please click here.
      • Web Order History
        This enables you to review your previous web orders. You can check the order reference and status of order. By clicking on the relevant order reference, you can view previous shopping baskets and click through to products you have previously ordered.
        Note: Only past orders compiled on this website are currently visible here. Orders created or sent by other means (such as by phone or fax, through your Area Sales Manager or electronically by SyneRgi) are not yet shown. Orders compiled using the old website are also not yet visible.
        Web development is underway to provide comprehensive account, order and history management.
      • Current Order (My Basket)
        This will take you directly to your current shopping basket.
  • Categories
    • The Categories menu enables you to view all products within a wide variety of different categories within categories - params['classificationListData']; $cats = ''; foreach ( $catlist as $c => $cat ) { $sep = ( $c == count( $catlist ) - 1 ) ? ' and ' : ', '; $cats .= ( $cats == '' ? '' : $sep ) . $cat['desc']; } echo $cats; ?>.
    • When you click on a category option you'll see subject groups and subject sub-groups within that category.
      For example, if you choose the category of 'Books' you will see a heading for subject group 'Biblical Studies', and within that many subject sub-groups including 'BO1: Biblical Commentaries Old and New Testament'
  • Publishers
    • From the Publishers menu you can view all available products from a specific publisher, including special offers, new titles, core stock and promotions.
    • Publishers are grouped alphabetically by name. Click on a letter under the 'Publishers' menu to see the list of relevant publishers. Choose one to see the publisher's Trust Media home page with its list of products.
  • Promotions
    • Promotions will allow you to choose from the current list of active Trust Media promotional selections. These include discount or money-off special offers, Bulletin or publisher catalogues, or just helpful themed collections.
  • Services
    • Under the Services menu you will find many pages of information about various services we offer to the trade, including our Retail Partner Programme, the SyneRgi ordering and stock control system and services we can offer to the publisher.

The Product List

  • Results from searching, or from the selection of a category, publisher or promotion appear as a list.
  • The number of items found appears at the top of the list along with controls to change the sort order, the number of items per page and the style of the list.
  • Controls to switch between pages of results appear both at the top and bottom of the list.
  • Clicking the image or title for any product will take you its product detail page.
  • You can refine the list by adding terms to the search boxes. See here for more on using the search.
  • You can click on the publisher of any product in the list to find all products for that publisher, or the author if there is one to find all products for that author.
    If the product is part of a series you will also see a link to see all products in that series.
  • The style of the list can be changed by switching from 'Normal' view to 'Compact' view or back. The Compact view shows the same information as the Normal view, but in a design that allows you to see more products on screen at once.


Line by Line

The Quick Order line-by-line process allows rapid entry of products directly into your basket.

Step 1
  • Enter the product code / ISBN
  • Enter the quantity
  • Enter a line reference if required
  • Confirm whether you wish this product to be backordered if unavailable

Step 2
  • Click the 'ADD TO BASKET' button

Step 3
  • Here you can check details for the item you've added
  • On the right it will tell you the status of the item.
    For example, In Stock: 50 or more available, Available for pre-order - Publication date: February 2012 or Available to order: Stock expected 5th February 2012.
    If the quantity required is greater than the number in stock then the difference will be backordered (if you've requested backorders).
  • To remove this item click the 'UNDO ADDITION' button
  • To add another copy, or multiple copies, of the same product simply add the additional quantity required on the right-hand-side and click 'ADD TO BASKET'. You can enter the same, or a new, line reference at this point.
  • To add another product return to Step 1 and repeat the process

Step 4
  • When you have finished adding items, click the 'GO TO BASKET' button to review your order.

    See the shopping basket help page for more on reviewing your basket and placing an order.

By Spreadsheet

The Quick Order spreadsheet upload process allows you to add many products to your basket at once by processing a spreadsheet you have previously compiled.

Step 1
  • Create a spreadsheet of the items you wish to order.
    This will need to have the following columns:
    • Product code
    • Quantity
    The following columns are optional:
    • Line Reference
    • Backorder Indicator
    You may have additional columns for your own convenience (such as 'title', 'author', etc). These will be ignored by the upload process.
    • Note: you may choose to have a row of headings in your spreadsheet, but if so ensure that this is the first row and that there are no empty rows below it or amongst the rows of your order.
  • The Product Code column should contain our product codes. Avoid having any spaces or dashes in this column or the product code won't be recognised.
    • If you are using Microsoft's Excel to create your spreadsheet, please be ensure that the column is formatted as 'Text' before entering data. Excel can improperly format ISBNs as numbers, losing any leading zeros or storing the ISBN using scientific exponent notation.
    • Double quote characters around the data wil be ignored, as will an 'equals' or 'apostrophe' character at the start of the data (a csv file may contain these to aid loading into Excel).
    • To load a CSV file into Excel without corruption:
      • Create a new Excel workbook or a new worksheet in an existing workbook
      • From the 'Data' tab choose the 'From Text' button to start the 'Import Text File' wizard
      • Navigate to, and then select your CSV file in the browse dialog that appears.
      • Choose the 'delimited' option from the next dialog. Leave all other options at their defaults and click 'Next'
      • In the 'Delimiters' selection boxes, set the ticks so that only 'Comma' is selected and click 'Next'
      • Click your product code column in the 'Data Preview' area and change the 'Column data format' option to 'Text'
      • Click 'Finish'
      • Choose cell =$A$1 as the location into which to import the data (this will probably be set for you by default).
  • The Quantity column should hold the quantity you require of each item.
  • In the Line Reference column you can hold a meaningful reference of up to 20 characters for each line, for example, 'Order for Mr Bloggs' or 'Sunday School Promo', which will appear on your invoice and assist with in-store administration. If you do not require this benefit you need not include this column.
  • The Backorder column allows you to control how product is backordered for you when it is unavailable at the time of ordering.
    Three values are accepted here (it doesn't matter if you use upper or lower case letters):
    • Y indicates that you wish to place unavailable product on backorder
    • N indicates that you do not wish to place items on backorder
    • D indicates that your account default is to be used
    This column is optional and if you choose not to include it, backorders will only be recorded if your account is set up to do so (ie, the above D value is assumed).
  • When you've completed your spreadsheet, give it a memorable name and save in the format 'CSV (Comma Delimited)'
    • Note: do not save in another format (such as Excel's
      formats) as the spreadsheet will not be readable by the website.
Step 2
  • Enter the relevant spreadsheet column number in the input box against each of the labels.
    • For example, if your product codes are in column A then enter 1 in the first input box.
    • If your quantities are in column B, enter 2 in the second input box, and so on.
      The website already shows a default of 'Product Code' as column 1 (A) and 'Quantity' as column 2 (B).
  • If you have included titles, authors or any additional information in these columns you will need to alter these numbers accordingly.
  • If you have not included a line reference or backorder indicator on your spreadsheet then put a 0 (zero) in the relevant input box for these fields.
  • If your spreadsheet includes column headings in the first row then tick the box labelled 'Does the first row contain column headings?'.
Step 3
  • Click the 'Browse' button, locate your spreadsheet and then click 'Open'. The location and name of your spreadsheet should appear in the box.
Step 4
  • Click the 'START UPLOAD' button to begin the upload process. This may take a few moments so please be patient.
  • If there has been a problem with the spreadsheet upload you will get a red error message and a listing of the individual errors. You will then need to make any necessary changes to your spreadsheet (see Step 1) or to the column number fields (see Step 2) and then repeat Steps 3 and 4.
  • If your spreadsheet has uploaded successfully then you will see a message telling you how many lines have been added to you basket. You can now click the 'GO TO BASKET' button to review your order or return to Step 1 to upload another spreadsheet.

    See the shopping basket help page for more on reviewing your basket and placing an order.
By Browsing

  • You can use the search facility or the navigation menu to find products that you would like to order.
  • From the resulting list of products you can click the image or title of any item to display its product detail page. The basket control panel on the product detail page will allow you to modify the quantity of that product in your basket.
    • Tip: Most modern browsers allow you to open a link in a new window or tab - usually through a right-click context menu or by clicking a middle mouse-button or wheel over the link. You can open a product detail page in a new window to make it easier and quicker to return to your list of products by simply closing the product detail page tab or window.
  • A basket control panel is also present next to each item in the list of products. You can modify the basket quantities of each product in the list directly without needing to visit the product detail page, or your basket, after each change.
  • The basket control panel shows the current level of availability of the item, plus a summary of its status in your basket. See here for more information about the availability status messages.
  • To add an item to your basket, or increase/decrease the quantity in your basket, click the ADD TO BASKET button.
    • You can specify a reference for the item being added by entering a label of your own choosing into the 'line reference' box. When you click ADD TO BASKET that reference is stored against the product in your basket.
    • You can add more than a single item by changing the number in the quantity box. You can use negative numbers to remove a quantity from the basket. In this case when you click ADD TO BASKET the amount will be deducted from a basket line for the product which has the same line reference as is entered in the 'line reference' box.
      Note: If you have none in your basket for the line reference shown, when you enter a negative number nothing will be removed as nothing is in your basket for that reference. To more precisely manage your basket, see the shopping basket help page.
  • When you click the ADD TO BASKET button, the basket status information briefly shows 'Updating...' as your basket is updated and then changes to reflect the new status of the product in your basket.
  • Note: If you have the 'Compact' view selected for showing the product list the controls may look different but the functions and feedback remain the same.
  • Once you have finished with the listed products you can either navigate to another selection or search again. Or to go to your basket use the GO TO BASKET buttons at the top and bottom of the list.
    • Note: The availability icon in each item's basket control panel also acts as button that will take you to your basket.
    • See the shopping basket help page for more on reviewing your basket and placing an order.
Express Ordering Service

Note: This service is initially restricted to customers within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

When browsing for a product you may see a message indicating that a title is available to order using an 'express service'. This can be seen on a search results list or on the product's detail page.

The express service, where available, provides a faster method of ordering titles that are currently unstocked. We send our international partners daily orders for these titles which, initially, they will consolidate into twice-weekly shipments to us on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Any products ordered by you on this express service incur an additional international freight charge calculated by the weight of the products (£1.28 per half kg).

  • Note: only express items in your order will attract this additional carriage charge. Items ordered on a standard service will be subject to normal carriage charge conditions.
  • Express items may have a discount different from your normal discount for the item (typcially around 40% for express).
  • Specific details of the carriage on your order will be listed on your invoice.

  • Items can be ordered using this express service by ticking the 'Use express service?' box against a product's search results. Once ticked, the 'add to basket' button will turn orange to indicate your selection. When you click the button the product will be added to your basket with express service selected.
    • Note: you can change this selection later from your basket page.
  • Where the express service is available the product's detail page will also show the price and discount (for a quantity of 1) for both standard and express.
  • On the basket page lines for express items will be shaded orange for clarity.
  • Because products for which the express service is available are not generally held in our warehouse, the 'Back Order?' box will need to be ticked for stock to be supplied to you. If you have requested express delivery the back order box will be ticked for you, even if your account is not set up to record backorders by default.
    • Note: When ordering products for standard delivery you will need to manually tick the 'Back Order?' box.
  • If you wish to order some copies of a product using the express service and some copies on the standard service you will need to separate these lines by giving each its own line reference.
  • All items ordered by express are on a firm sale basis.

Product Detail Page

The product detail page is where you will find more detailed information about a product. You can see this page by clicking on the image or title of any product in a list of search results.

  • All the information available in the list of search results is visible, plus (where available)
    • A larger, clickable thumbnail image, taking you a full-size image
    • Detailed description and product copy
    • Contents, track-listing and/or chapter information
    • A selection of related products that you may also like
  • A clickable drop-down panel shows other details such as publishing date, subject sub-group series, pack size, physical dimension and weight.
  • A basket control panel allows you to add the product to your basket. See order by browsing for more information about the basket control panel.
  • The product may be part of a promotion and this information is shown in the promotion panel at the top of the page. If no panel is shown, the product is not in a promotion.
  • You can click on any of the promotion links to show all the other products that are part of the same promotion.
Shopping Basket

Your shopping basket holds your current Trust Media order. To view your basket, click the basket link that's always in the top-right corner of the site.

  • At the top of the basket page are your account number and address details.
    • If these are not correct visit your account page where you can e-mail corrections to us.
    A summary RRP value of your basket is also shown.
    • The reference for your order always begins with the web order number. You can add your own text to this number so that you can easily identify it later. The web order number plus your own reference is the full order reference that will appear on your invoice (as 'Your Ref').
      • If you are editing your reference it will be highlighted in red to indicate that is is being changed. It is important that you click the UPDATE PAGE button before navigating away to another page otherwise the reference will not be saved.
    • The basket items are listed showing product code, title, author, unit RRP value excluding VAT, unit RRP value inclusive of VAT and line value inclusive of VAT.
    • There are columns indicating the current availability status and stock level.
      • Tip: If you hover your mouse over the 'Status' column heading you can see a quick key to the icons you will see here. See the stock availability page for more information.
    • The left-hand column, headed '#', displays an offer icon indicating that the product is part of an offer promotion. If no offer icon is shown next to a product then that product is not in an offer.
    • By default the list of products are sorted by the date they were added to your basket, with the most recently added at the top. You can change the sort order by clicking any of the green column headings.
      • Basket lines for the same product will always be grouped together, even if you change the sort order so that they might otherwise not.
      • The offer icon column heading (#) does not actually sort by offer. This heading can be used to restore the original sort order.
      • Some headings are not green and cannot be used to sort.
    • Clicking on an item's product code or title will take you to its product detail page.
    • Clicking on the author, if present, will search for more products by that author.
    • Three columns contain baskets controls for each item:
      • The 'Back Order?' column allows you to determine whether the quantity (or part quantity) of the item is placed on backorder, to be supplied later, if the quantity (or part quantity) is unavailable.
        When you add a product to your basket this is set to your account default. You can override the default by ticking or un-ticking the box in this column.
        • Note: If the backorder box is disabled it means that the product is discontinued and cannot be backordered. Any stock that is available will likely be the last.
      • The 'Qty' column specifies the quantity of the item you have in your basket. You can change this value to set the amount that you want.
        • Note: to remove a single line completely, set its Qty column value to zero.
      • The 'Your line ref' column allows you to record a text label against an individual item. This appears on your printed invoice and can assist you in your in-store administration.

      When you edit a basket line you will see that the changed values and the UPDATE PAGE button is highlighted in red, and the PLACE ORDER button becomes disabled.

      It is important that you click the UPDATE PAGE button after making changes to your basket before you move to another page, otherwise your changes will be lost. (This includes selecting another basket page and changing the sort order.) Once updated, the PLACE ORDER button will be enabled again.
      • After you have updated the page you may be presented with a report of problems encountered instead of your basket. Review the information about the problems, correct them and then click UPDATE PAGE again. Once all problems are resolved you will be returned to the full basket page.

        You can cancel your problematic changes instead of correcting them by simply clicking the basket link in the top-right corner again.
    • If there is important information about a basket item an alert icon will appear to its right. This icon indicates one of the following:
      • The line is not in stock and is not flagged for backorder. If we don't currently have stock for something that you want to order we can order it for you from our supplier. Without the backorder option ticked we won't know that you want it.
      • The product is discontinued and cannot be backordered. In this case we are not expecting any more stock for the product to become available from our supplier. Any stock we have available will likely be the last.
      • The product is unavailable. It is discontinued and we have no stock. The entire item will also appear faded grey. Normally you will not see these lines as they cannot be manually added to your basket. However it is possible to upload them from a spreadsheet. It may also be the case that a discontinued product previously in stock has become out-of-stock whilst in your basket.
    • The last step before you place an order should be to refresh your basket (click the refresh icon in your browser - pressing F5 does the same in most browsers in Windows). This will update your view of the availability of the products in your basket. You should review them to be sure the stock is still at an acceptable level.
    • Once you are ready to place your order, click the PLACE ORDER button. You will be prompted to confirm - here you can choose 'Cancel' if you still need to make futher changes or 'OK' to finalise placing the order.
      You will then be taken to the web order history page where you can see the status of the order.
Web Order History

Your web order history allows you to see orders you have previously placed through the website.

Note: Only past orders compiled on this website are currently visible here. Orders created or sent by other means (such as by phone or fax, through your Area Sales Manager or electronically by SyneRgi) are not yet shown. Orders compiled using the old website are also not yet visible.
Web development is underway to provide comprehensive account, order and history management.

When you place an order through your shopping basket your order will be sent to Trust Media and entered on to our system automatically. You will be taken to the web order history page where you can see the order's status and the status of all previously sent orders.

For the vast majority of cases the order status will show 'Sent to Trust Media' under the 'Status' column. This means that your order is now with us for processing.

You can click an order reference to view the contents of any previous web order.

From there you can also click through to view the details of the products within that order.

Under exceptional circumstances the website may be unable to send your order successfully. In this case the status will appear as 'Waiting to send to Trust Media'. You do not need to take any action here - the website will periodically retry sending all orders marked 'Waiting to send to Trust Media'.

If your order is urgent you have the option of sending it by e-mail through to our Call Centre by clicking the EMAIL button next to the problematic order. Our Call Centre team will then enter your order manually.

Note: If you e-mail your order in this manner it will still be treated as an 'electronic' order and therefore be eligible for the 4pm same-day despatch deadline.

The order's status will then be marked as 'Sent to Trust Media'. However, it is not possible to tell if the order has reached us by e-mail and so you may want to contact our Call Centre to check if we have received it. (Don't forget to quote your account number and the full website order number.)

You can stop the order from automatically being re-sent by clicking the STOP button. This can give you the option of telephoning or faxing the order to our Call Centre without the worry that the order might still be automatically sent.

If you choose to stop the order its status will be marked as 'Stopped, will not be sent'. If you leave the order like this the website will not attempt to re-try sending it. It will remain in this state for a period of time (several weeks) after which it will be automatically deleted.
Whilst the order is stopped, you still have the option of re-starting it. Clicking the RE-INSTATE button will put the order back to its 'waiting' state where the website will periodically attempt to re-send it.

Stock Availability

Stock levels are shown in a basket control panel  that is visible in a list of search results and on a product's detail page.

Stock levels are accurate to within a few minutes. There is a small delay between stock being allocated to an order (after being placed) and the new updated availability being reflected on the website, therefore fulfilment of products with limited stock cannot be 100% guaranteeed.

Trust Media understand that it can take time to compile an order, during which it is possible for a product with low stock to become unavailable. The current stock availability has been made visible in your basket against each product and is up-to-date each time you refresh your basket page.
We recommend that you refresh the page and review availability before you place an order.

Availability icons allow you to see availability at a glance.

Availability Icons
Note: If a product currently has no available stock please remember to tick the 'backorder' box in your shopping basket otherwise we will not know to order the item from our supplier for you.
In Stock
The availability figure shown reflects actual stock in the Trust Media warehouse.
Available for Pre-Order
If the publisher has issued a publication date this will be displayed. For example, Publication Date: 28th February, 2012.
Available to Order
If the item is already on order from our supplier this will show as Stock Expected. (For example, Stock Expected: 24th January 2012.) We are continually working with our suppliers to improve the accuracy of expected dates.
If the item is not currently on order from our supplier an estimated lead-time will be shown for delivery to our warehouse (for example, Usually available within 5-7 days of placing your order).
Reprinting - Available to Backorder
If a date for the reprint has been issued this will be displayed.
Awaiting Reissue - Available to Backorder
This item is out of stock at our supplier. If the date of a re-issue is known this will be displayed.
Not Available
This product is either out-of-print or no longer stocked by Trust Media. Information about the product has been retained on the website as a service to our customers.
This icon only appears next to a product if there has been a problem accessing the availability information.
Under all but the most exceptional circumstances this icon will never appear.


If a product is out of stock in most cases it can be backordered. When you add a product to your basket the website will automatically default the item to your account backorder setting. You can override this setting per basket line using through the shopping basket page.

Note: Availability dates given are subject to change. If you require a product by a specific date please contact our Call Centre to check availability.

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