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Frequently Asked Questions

Express Service Questions

What is the Express Service?

Express Service is a fast and reliable way of obtaining products from US publishers, enabling you to receive stock for your shop, or to fulfil a customer order,  within 5-7 working days.  This service is currently only available through the website and to customers within the UK and Northern Ireland.

What products can I order using the Express Service?

Currently titles which Trust Media classify as long-tail (selling less than an average of 12 units per year) are not intentionally stocked. At present 6000 titles from existing US publishers, and with zero free stock in Carlisle, can be ordered via the Express Service. We will be expanding the number titles available to up to 50,000 within the next six months.

How can I order using the Express Service?

Ordering 'Express Service' items currently can only be accepted via the Trust Media website and not by any other channel. We will, in the future, be looking to broaden the channels through which retailers can order product by the 'Express Service', e.g. Synergi.

Product available via the 'Express Service' will be signposted clearly on the Trust Media trade website. Where available, you will always be given the option to use either the 'Express Service' or the current, slightly longer service we provide.

How does the 'Express Service' work?

Our US partners will receive daily orders from Trust Media to allocate stock against each of the items ordered using Express Service. Initially, these daily orders will be consolidated into twice-weekly shipments to us on Tuesdays and Fridays, however this frequency may increase as demand grows.

Typically, a standard discount of 40% off the UK RRP will be applied on 'Express Service', excluding short discount lines.

International carriage will be applied to all orders at a rate of £1.28 per half kg  (£2.56 per kg) with a minimum charge of £1.28. The weight of each title is not yet available from our US partners so we cannot initially state the value of the international carriage. On average a book weighs 0.5kg. Our US partners are working to give us access to more accurate information on this. Orders placed via the traditional/slower route will not incur any international postage.

Orders from our US partners will be delivered to Carlisle for same-day despatch via First Class Post. NB: There is no minimum value on orders containing products ordered by the Express Service, however, if the order placed was below Trust Media's UK carriage-free limit you will be charged UK carriage, in addition to the international freight charge.

All products and international carriage will be invoiced in sterling (£)

All items fulfilled by 'Express Service' will be due for payment 30 days after the end of the month in which the order was placed. No extra payments days are available. Express-ordered items are placed on a firm-sale basis.

Titles that can be supplied via our 'Express Service' can be combined with titles that we have on free stock, enabling retailers to achieve orders in excess of our carriage-free limit, and therefore avoiding UK carriage.

General Questions

How will my order be processed?

When you click the PLACE ORDER button and confirm that you wish to proceed, the contents of your basket will be compiled into an order on Trust Media's Sales Order Processing system, and processed in the same way as any other order.

For UK trade orders which reach our system before 4pm, items in stock will be despatched the same day from our Carlisle warehouse (the following day if after 4pm). Export orders will be shipped as soon as possible.

At despatch-time we will send you an email to advise you of items which have been despatched and items which have been placed on backorder. It will include details of any backordered items being sent with the order. If you don't receive an email, please view your account page to check that we have a correct email address for you.

For any queries about your order please contact our Call Centre, quoting either the 6 digit Order number from the despatch email, or your website 'Order Reference' shown in your web order history.

For UK orders: email or telephone 0845 705 65 68
For EU orders: email or telephone +44 (0) 1228 611 789
For non-EU orders: email or telephone +44 (0) 1228 611 789

How can I tell whether my order qualifies for free carriage?

Trust Media operates a threshold order value for UK orders above which an order qualifies for free carriage. This is normally set at £25 trade value excluding VAT, when delivered on a standard next working day service (but the threshold value may change from time to time; for example at Christmas). If your order contains items which are in a money-off promotion, this may cause the order value to drop below the threshold. As discounts and special offer reductions are not currently calculated for you on the website you will need to work out the estimated trade value of your order.

Work is underway to provide better visibility of the actual order value on the website. Until this time we recommend that you look at the basket total and do a calculation by deducting your standard discount off the RRP to establish what your nett price will be.

To give an indication, orders of approx RRP £39 at 35% discount would calculate at nett £25.39.

How does backordering work?

If you wish to order an item which is not currently in stock in our warehouse, just put it in your basket and ensure that the "Backorder?" box is ticked (the website will automatically default this box to your account backorder setting). The same applies to lines where you wish to order a greater quantity than is currently in stock in our warehouse.

Items which are in stock will be despatched straight away. Items which are not in stock (but are available to order) will be recorded on our system as a backorder against your account. When a backordered item arrives in our warehouse it will be allocated to your account, held for you, and despatched along with your next order. From time to time we run a backorder sweep which picks up and despatches backordered products which are now available.

You can check your account's default action for backordering by looking at your account details (click on 'Account' in the top right corner of the site). If you wish to change the setting use the EMAIL CORRECTIONS button on that page to e-mail our Call Centre with the correction.

I can't tick the "Backorder?" box for the item I want to order - why is this greyed out?

On occasions it is not always possible to backorder titles that Trust Media is supplying. The following scenarios are where this is applicable:

  • Trust Media are carrying stock of titles from publishers who we are no longer continuing to supply.
  • Where titles have been discontinued but there currently is stock available.
  • The rights have changed/moved and Trust Media is no longer able to supply.

In these cases the "Backorder?" box is greyed out, and only quantities which are in stock can be ordered on our website. An orange warning triangle will show in the basket against such items, with an explanation that the product is now discontinued.

How frequently is updated?

Stock availability figures are up-to-date within 5 minutes. Features, offers and promotions will change frequently so please keep checking the site.

How can I return product?

Although all goods are supplied on a firm sale basis unless a prior arrangement has been made with Trust Media Distribution, we want you to be happy with your purchase from us. Returns will only be accepted with prior authorisation from Trust Media Distribution Call Centre. If you notify Trust Media Distribution Call Centre within seven days of receipt of your parcel, Trust Media Distribution will arrange to replace or refund the original cost of goods once a returns number has been granted and stock (excluding Export customers) is returned to us.

This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.

Contact our Service Line on 0845 7056 568.

For international orders please telephone (+44 (0) 1228 611 789)   or   fax (+44 (0) 1228 598 103)   the Call Centre to resolve your concerns. You can also email (for European Union customers) or (for non-EU customers)

Technical Questions

Is this website safe and secure?

When you place an order or access your trade account information, your order/enquiry will be routed through a secure server. Secure server software encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. To provide increased security, we have installed additional security safeguards to the configuration of the system. In accordance with the UK Data Protection Acts of 1998 and 1984, to prevent unauthorised access, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information that you provide. Our security procedures mean that we may request proof of identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you.

What browsers are supported?

This site fully supports all major browsers in their latest version.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is supported from version 8. Version 7 retains the majority of the site's functionality but some aspects may look odd or behave unexpectedly - we recommend you upgrade to a higher version if you are using this version. Version 6 or earlier is not supported.

Mozilla Firefox is supported from version 3, although earlier versions may also function acceptably.

Google Chrome is supported from version 1.

Opera is supported from version 11, although earlier versions are also likely to function acceptably.

Apple Safari is supported from version 5, although earlier versions are also likely to function acceptably.

Does the site require javascript? and why?

Yes. Javascript is required to be enabled to allow certain parts of the site to function correctly.

For example, you will find that the navigation menu bar does not work and if you are not yet logged in you will be unable to open the log-in form.

If you were already logged-in before javascript was disabled you will find that the shopping basket is largely unusable - you will be unable to add products to it or modify the items within. The search will still work, but you will be unable to open or close the advanced search section.

Consult your browser's help for how to enable javascript.

  • Note: most modern browsers can use plugins, some of which are designed to disable javascript. If following your browser's instructions on enabling javascript does not seem to work you should consider checking any plugins that may be active.

What do the status codes on my invoice mean?

The following table shows the meaning of each of the status codes that we use.

ABPublication abandoned. ADDirect only. Not available to trade. CSCheck with customer services.
EXNo longer stocked by us. IPIn print. MDPrint-on-demand.
NPNot yet published. NYNew catalogued; stock due. OFOut of print; other format available.
OIOut of stock indefinitely. OPOut of print. OROut of print; new edition due.
PPPostponed indefinitely. RFRefer to new supplier. RMRemaindered.
RPReprinting. RUReprinting; no date. TOSpecial order only.
TPTemporarily out of stock by publisher. TUTemporarily unavailable. URAwaiting reissue.
WRTo be remaindered. WSWithdrawn from sale.   
[B] [t]