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Searching by Subject

To find products by subject you can enter any part of the subject descriptions listed below into the 'Subject' search field.

For example, entering church will find all titles within the subject group 'The Church' plus the 'Church Management Software' subject, as these both have the phrase 'church' within their descriptions.

You can use a subject code if you use the @ symbol at the beginning of your search.

For example, entering @G will find all titles within subject group G, 'The Church' and no others.
Entering @G04 will find all titles within subject sub-group G04, 'Church Life', only.

Additionally you can specify more than one 'phrase' to find products whose subject descriptions contain all the phrases you specify.

For example, life church will find all titles in subject group 'Church Life', but you are less likely to find others as your search is more specific - most likely no other category contains both the phrase 'life' and the phrase 'church'.

Finally, you can enter more than one subject code to find products from several subjects together.

For example, @G B02 will find all titles in subject group 'The Church' plus all titles in subject sub-group 'Biblical Commentaries OT', but no others.

(Show/Hide)  List of Subject Codes with Descriptions

A    Bibles
A02  Amplified BibleA04  Authorised Version KJVA06  Good News Bible GNB
A08  Jerusalem Bible JBA09  New Jerusalem Bible NJBA10  Living Bible LB
A11  New Living Translation NLTA12  New American Standard NASBA14  New English Bible NEB
A16  New International Version NIVA18  New King James NKJVA20  New Revised Standard Version NRSV
A21  New Century Version NCVA22  Revised English Bible REBA24  Revised Standard Version RSV
A25  New International Readers Version NIRVA26  Other Bible TranslationsA27  Holman Christian Standard Bible Hcsb
A28  The MessageA29  Foreign Language BiblesA30  CEV Bibles
A31  English STD Version ESVA32  Biblical ApocryphaA33  Todays NIV TNIV
B    Biblical Studies
B01  Biblical Commentaries Old and New TestamentB02  Biblical Commentaries OTB03  Biblical Commentaries NT
B04  Bible BackgroundB05  Bible IntroductionB06  Bible Survey
B07  Bible HandbooksB08  ConcordancesB09  Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias
B10  Bible AtlasesB12  History of IsraelB14  Biblical Archaeology
B16  Interlinear BiblesB18  LexiconsB20  Language Primers Greek and Hebrew
B22  Expository DictionariesB24  Individual and Group Bible Study GuidesB26  Bible Study Methods
B28  Dated Study Materials
C    Doctrine and Theology
C02  ApologeticsC04  Salvation Faith and SanctificationC06  Science Creation and Evolution
C08  World ReligionsC10  Cults and the OccultC12  World Missions
C14  General Theological IssuesC16  Tracts and BookletsC18  The Trinity
C20  The Person and Work of ChristC22  The Holy Spirit and RenewalC24  Prophecy and Eschatology
D    Devotional Books
D02  Devotional Books and Daily ReadingD04  Prayer CompilationsD05  Celtic Spirituality
D06  Books of SermonsD08  Poetry and Gift BooksD10  Christmas and Advent Books Adult
D12  Easter and Lent Books AdultD13  Easter and Lent Books Children
E    Christian Life
E02  Holiness and the Deeper LifeE04  The Spiritual DisciplinesE06  Teaching on Prayer
E08  Spiritual WarfareE10  Christian LifeE12  Christian Classics
E14  Health and HealingE16  Counselling and PsychologyE17  Christianity and the Arts
E18  Death Suffering and ConsolationE20  Contemporary Social IssuesE22  Evangelism and Follow Up
E24  Love Sex and MarriageE26  Children and Family LifeE28  Divorce and Remarriage
E30  Single LifeE32  Books for WomenE34  Books for Men
F    Biography
F01  AutobiographyF02  General BiographyF04  Biblical Biography
F06  Missionary Biography
G    The Church
G02  Church HistoryG04  Church LifeG06  Church Growth and Revival
G08  Church Ordinances the SacramentsG09  IntercessionsG10  Worship and Hymnology
G11  Lectionary ResourcesG12  Prayer Books and LiturgicalG14  Administration and Pastoral Work
G16  Preaching and Sermon PreparationG18  Sermon Illustrations and QuotationsG20  Church Information and Resources
H    Music Books: Score and Words
H02  Denominational Hymn BooksH06  Songs of FellowshipH08  Childrens Music Books
H10  General Music BooksH12  Overhead Projector Acetates
J    Childrens Books
J01  Childrens BiblesJ02  Childrens Bible StoriesJ04  Childrens Prayer Books
J06  Childrens Colouring BooksJ08  Puzzles and QuizzesJ10  Childrens Fiction
J11  Childrens Christmas and Advent BooksJ12  Childrens General BooksJ13  Childrens Teaching and Guidance
J14  Youth Teaching and GuidanceJ15  Childrens Easter and Lent BooksJ16  Youth Fiction
J18  Youth BiographyJ20  Religious EducationJ22  Assemblies Information and Resources
J24  Sunday School Information and ResourcesJ25  Childrens Ministries ResourcesJ26  Youth Ministries Resources
J28  Drama ResourcesJ30  Childrens Activity/Sticker Books
K    Fiction
K02  Historical FictionK04  Science Fiction and FantasyK06  Humour
K08  Mystery and ThrillerK10  General FictionK12  Romantic Fiction
L    Recorded Product
L02  Scripture on CDL04  Books on CD AdultL06  Books on CD Children
L08  Spoken Ministry on CD
M    Music
M08  Christmas MusicM20  Miscellaneous MusicM21  Classical Music
M40  Integrity MusicM50  CelticM52  Childrens
M53  Singer SongwriterM55  HymnsM58  Gospel
M62  MusicalsM64  OrganM66  Pop
M68  Praise and WorshipM69  ContemporaryM70  Reggae / Rap
M72  RockM76  TraditionalM78  Other Music
M79  Instrumental Music
N    Miscellaneous Items
N02  Magazines and PeriodicalsN04  StickersN05  Cards
N06  Non English Tracts and BookletsN08  Book Protectors & CoversN09  General Cookery
N12  Diaries
Q    Clearance Items
S    Software
S02  Bible SoftwareSA2  Clipart and Graphics SoftwareSA4  Creative Resources Software
SB2  NIV Study Bible SoftwareSB4  Bible Explorer SoftwareSB6  Nelson and Logos Library Software
SB8  PC Study Bible SoftwareSBA  Quickverse Bible SoftwareSBC  Wordsearch Bible Software
SBE  Other Bible SoftwareSC2  Church Management SoftwareSC4  Sermon and Talk Preparation Software
SC6  Group Study Preparation SoftwareSC8  Music and Worship SoftwareSCA  Service Preparation Software
SG2  Computer GamesSH2  Software for Handheld ComputersSK2  Childrens Interactive Software
SR2  Learning SoftwareSR4  Interactive and Educational SoftwareSR6  Commentaries on CD ROM
SR8  Dictionaries on CD ROMSRA  Other Reference Material on CD ROMSRC  Devotional and Screensaver Software
SRE  Other General SoftwareSX4  Bible Software for MacintoshSX6  Reference Software for Macintosh
SX8  Childrens Interactive Software for Macintosh
V    Video/DVD
V02  Video/DVD FeaturesV04  Video/DVD Teaching TopicsV06  Video/DVD Children
V08  Video/DVD Music
X    Cards
X02  All OccasionX03  NoteletsX04  Aniversary
X05  Anniversary AgesX06  Birthday GeneralX07  Birthday Relations
X08  Birthday AgesX09  BlankX10  Christening
X11  ConfirmationX12  New HomeX13  Samaritans Purse
X14  Christmas PacketsX15  Christmas BoxesX16  Christmas Relations
X17  Christmas LooseX18  CongratulationsX19  Well Done
X20  Driving TestX21  EncouragementX22  Exam Pass
X23  FriendshipX24  RetirementX25  Baptism
X26  Get WellX27  GraduationX28  Easter Packets
X29  Easter RelationsX30  Easter LooseX31  Love
X32  Missing YouX33  New BabyX35  Sympathy
X36  Sympathy RelationsX37  Thank-YouX38  Thinking of You
X39  WeddingX40  EngagementX43  Misc
X44  Pastor/MinisterX47  Clearance Cards
Y    Gift Product
Y02  Decorative Stained GlassY03  Miscellaneous Gift ItemsY04  Christian Art
Y06  CalendarsY08  Christmas ProductY09  Inspirio Gift Products
Y10  ClothingY11  Bible Cases & AccessoriesY12  Journals-Notebooks- Guestbooks
Y13  General GiftsY14  Resin FiguresY15  Ceramics (Excluding Mugs)
Y16  Mugs/Water Bottles/TablewareY17  NoveltiesY18  Plush
Y19  Frames / PlaquesY20  Bookmarks and VerscardsY21  Gift Bags
Y22  Puzzles and GamesY23  JewelleryY24  Ornaments
Y25  Blossom Bucket
Z    Booksellers Resources
Z04  Marketing ResourcesZ08  Shop StationeryZ10  POS Resources
ZZZ  Miscellaneous Resources
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